Search and Rescue Project Use Case 7 – Chemical substances spill in Madrid (Spain)

Search & Rescue: A European project tests innovative technologies for search and rescue operations

 The Search and Rescue Project is a large EU-funded research project composed of 28 partners from 12 European countries, that started in 2020 and ending in 2023. The exercise in Madrid was the 7th use case designed to test innovative solutions across various lifelike scenarios using real-like conditions (including to improve the operational, safety & rescue procedures in this type of incident, & practice on the interoperability of the communication systems).

Romanian Cluster PROECO-CBRNE team joined to around 100 persons involved in the two scenarios (response to (1) a semi-collapsed structure & (2) chemical spills).

The following innovative technologies & equipment have been tested:

• Software platform to ensure coordination & decision processes

• Emergency communication app

• Decision support system: to estimate the number of victims & required responders – real-time resource allocation with machine-learning algorithms

• Wearable GPS tracker: to ensure GPS tracking despite the loss of network connectivity

• Six Gas Hazmat Monitor: to detect, monitor & protect from toxic threats

• Smartwatches: to ensure messaging, heart rate monitoring & alert functions

• Uniform prototype and children device: to ensure the safety of rescuers & victims

• Synthetic human odours with the canines: to detect the most stimulating odours

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