The Search and Rescue Project

This is a short animated video about the Search and Rescue Project, funded under the H2020 EU Research Programme.

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Search and Rescue Project Use Case 7 – Chemical substances spill in Madrid (Spain)

Search & Rescue: A European project tests innovative technologies for search and rescue operations  The Search and Rescue Project is a large EU-funded research project composed of 28 partners from 12 European countries, that started in 2020 and ending in 2023. The exercise in Madrid was the 7th use case designed to test innovative solutions […]

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The final conference of the Search and Rescue project

The final conference of the Search and Rescue project took place at Lavrion Technological and Cultural park in Greece. This was a great opportunity for the consortium to show interested stakeholders as well as the public a summary of the results and achievements of the project. Throughout 7 Use Cases simulating various SAR scenarios, the […]

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