The final conference of the Search and Rescue project

The final conference of the Search and Rescue project took place at Lavrion Technological and Cultural park in Greece. This was a great opportunity for the consortium to show interested stakeholders as well as the public a summary of the results and achievements of the project. Throughout 7 Use Cases simulating various SAR scenarios, the project has designed and fine-tune various innovative equipment and tools to enhance the capabilities and efficiency of first responders’ engaged in SAR operations.

To balance presentations with real-life lessons learnt, to combine theory and practice, we have illustrated in a dedicated session how end-users from our consortium were involved in the rescue efforts in the aftermath of the earthquake that struck Turkey in February 2023. These experiences have clearly shown that innovations are needed in the field of SAR, and crisis management in general. Whether to enhance coordination, communication, safety of responders or victim detection capabilities, new solutions can save human lives.

As a research and innovation project, our solutions are still in the prototype phase but we are confident that they will be used in operations in a not-too-distant future.

We thank all who were involved or followed our activities.

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