Our clients call us for complete services and support for the promotion and competitive development of innovative products and high-performance technologies designed to prevent, detect, intervene and limit the destructive effects, return to the normal economic and social life and restore the affected environment, in the event of disasters caused by accidents. / CBRNE incident. We evaluate the clients' needs and needs in the field of protection, intervention and prevention systems in case of accidents / incidents related to the CBRNE domain

We design, manufacture, test and deliver mobile platforms for:

Chemical detection, chemical control equipment

Military dosimeter, nuclear control equipment

Surfaces chemical and radioactive decontamination

We design, realize, test and deliver equipment for:

Individual ballistic protection

Individual and collective protection against weapons of mass destruction

We realize:

CBRNE emergency interventions

Maintenance, micro production for specific equipment

Tests for ballistic protection equipment

Technologies for obtaining antidotes against chemical warfare agents, decontaminating compositions, absorbents and neutralizing catalysts for chemical warfare agents, specific reagents for chemical detection

We develop:

Environmental protection studies required to obtain approvals from the competent environmental authorities (Environmental Report- RM, Environmental Impact Assessment Report - RIM, Environmental Balance - BM, Safety Report, Appropriate Assessment Study)