REsilience Support for Critical Infrastructures’ through Standardized Training on CBRN

RESIST aims at the development of high-level technical expertise in operators of critical infrastructure and public spaces.

The entire process is conducted in order to provide, in the near future, the recognition of competences through a certification (CBRNe Resilience Label) for critical public and private infrastructures.

In this framework, CBRNe events (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive) are becoming relevant because of their potential disruptive impact on the availability of basic services for the public (e.g. energy, water, transport, etc.) and user safety.

The project lasts two years (2019-2021) and gathers six Italian partners of the CBRN-P3 cluster and the Romanian Cluster PROECO-CBRNE.

Operators of public spaces and critical infrastructure (CI), in fact, are increasingly faced with many and varied types of events, natural or artificial. RESIST aims to provide public and private CI operators with the testing of a joint CBRNe specific training programme (including real life exercises) for the creation of trained and equipped “CBRNe Intervention Groups” to operate in CBRNe contaminated environments and minimize the impact of destructive events.

Romanian Cluster PROECO-CBRNE is responsible for the simulation of CBRNe events in Romanian Critical Infrastructure, including CBRN equipment acquisition.

Funding: European Union-DG Home

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