Romanian  Cluster PROECO-CBRNE is an association of legal entities established in  Romania and abroad and aims the  research, innovation, development, technology transfer and education in the field of chemical, biological, radiological / nuclear and explosives protection.


Romanian Cluster PROECO-CBRNE promotes innovation, entrepreneurship, transferability and trust as key to increasing competitiveness.

MISSION: The establishment and development of relations of cooperation and technical – scientific, technological, productive and / or commercial between cluster members, the purpose of research – development, testing, manufacture and supply of equipment and CBRNE materials.
Romanian Cluster PROECO-CBRNE’sVision and Mission are strengthening and developing their own value chain, as the premise of easy access to the science and latest technology discoveries to protect the life of the people and the environment under the presence of CBRNE agents.


GENERAL OBJECTIVE Development and implementation in Romania of a CBRNE “pole of competitiveness”


o   Developing a common infrastructure for research, development and innovation in the field of CBRNE materials;

o   Development and consolidation of its chain value by increasing interaction between members and attract other organizations that share the vision, mission and objectives of the cluster;

o   The cluster activity internationally recognizing;

o   Staff members professional skills improvement by involving in training programs to maintain, upgrade and update their initial skills;

o   Developing their own capacity for legislation monitoring in the field of CBRNE incidents and formulate proposals in order to legislate and / or modification of existing legislation ;

o   Increasing the cluster structure visibility in order to improve its representativeness.


HOW TO BECOME OUR PARTNER? Article 11 of the Statute
Associate members are legal persons who acquire the Cluster membership after its establishment, in compliance with its Statute and internal Cluster regulations.Checking adhesion procedure and fulfillment of the membership quality is the attribute of the Directors Board.
Member of the Cluster can become any legal entity which has in its value chain elements to prove its contribution in the CBRNE fields.